"I had a keen interest in Biofeedback for a number of years after I had witnessed significant transformation in my sister who suffers from Bipolar Mood Disorder, Anxiety & Panic Attacks after she received help in the form of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Biofeedback from a kind therapist.  I was introduced to EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback) in 2013 & became a Certified Trainer in Dynamical Neurofeedback in the NeurOptimal training program.  I am a firm believer in NeurOptimal as I have trained many members of my family, myself & many clients since 2013.  My sister has done about 30 sessions & hasn't experienced a panic attack in the last 4 years.  I have experienced a significant change in the way I deal with stress, deeper & more restful sleep & the disappearance of arthritic pain.  Most all of my clients report significant improvement in their ability to sleep within the first 3 sessions followed by less anxiety & improved ability to deal with daily stressors by the 6th session with continued strengthening in these areas throughout the rest of their 12-20 sessions. I have had clients experience relief from headaches & migraines, chronic pain, regaining of memory & cognitive abilities.  My clients describe NeurOptimal as a Brain Spa session." - Teresa Reichart-Vernon, LSCSW

By the way....What IS Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of Biofeedback more readily known as EEG Biofeedback.  EEG stands for Electronencephalography.  Sounds scarey?  It's fact the majority of people who use it find it to be very relaxing and pleasant....much like a mini-vacation that has lasting effects of being able to handle stress easier and to enjoy life more!  If you are having problems with sleeping, anxiety and/or panic attacks, feeling stressed out or depressed then give it a try.  The FDA has approved neurofeedback as effective for stress and anxiety.   The American Academy of Pediatrics has recognized neurofeedback as effective for ADHD/ADD.  It can also be very helpful with PTSD and with certain types of Chronic Pain.

Teresa Reichart-Vernon, LSCSW and NeurOptimal Certified Trainer at the Zengar Institute provides "brain training" with the NeurOptimal Professional EEG System in a comfortable room with the ambience of a relaxing day on the beach.   A nice leather reclining chair and laid-back ocean beach decor for that mini-vacation feeling.

She will place 2 small sensors on your scalp with 2 ear clips on your right earlobe and 1 ear clip on your left earlobe.  You will be given a set of earbuds (or you can bring your own) for listening to relaxing, stress-relieving music or you can listen without any earbuds.  A colorful light show and a variety of diffused doTerra oils combine for a delightful visual and olfactory calming of the senses for the ultimate Brain Spa session.  For your best experience, recline back in your comfortable chair with the lights turned down low, focus on the changing colors or close your eyes. Breathe in the aromatherapy, listen to the mystical music, and let the stress melt away.

How Does It Work?

Unlike traditional Biofeedback training which teaches self-regulation by way of the Periphial Nervous System, Neurofeedback teaches self-regulation by way of the Central Nervous System.  The EEG program measures the electrical activity of the brainwaves and provides feedback to the brain when there is tumultuous brainwave activity.  The feedback acts as a mirror to the brain and gives it the opportunity to heal itself so as to cause the brain to function in a more efficient manner.   As you listen to the music you may hear tiny interruptions that sound much like static.  This is the program giving the brain its feedback and thus allowing the healing to occur.  The NeurOptimal program does not push or overwhelm the brain towards healing.  It heals in a linear motion & does not require brain mapping as traditional neurofeedback typically does. Pre & Post-tests records the health & progress of the client's brainwave energy.  There is no electricity involved in the healing process.

What type of Results will I get?

A change in a person's sleep pattern, anxiety and ability to handle stress usually becomes apparent by the 6th session.   It is highly recommend that at least 12 sessions be administered but 20 sessions hold the changes solidly in place.   You will know your mind and body the best so you will ultimately make the choice as to how many sessions you need.  Many consumers of NO Neurofeedback come back periodically for a maintenance session.

Disclaimer:  NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback is not a treatment.  Rather it is a non-pharmaceutical tool for the optimization of brain health.

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Affordable rates available with 3 payment options!  #1 option -Tandem psychotherapy (insurance pays for less your deductible and/or copayment) & Neurofeedback $30 out of pocket.  Note: Insurance does not cover Neurofeedback  #2 option - Neurofeedback without psychotherapy $65 per session. #3 option - Buy a package of prepaid 6, 12 or 20 sessions & get a 10% discount.   Makes a great gift too!

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